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The Jackson Local School District, and Lake Cable Elementary School specifically, were the recipients of a generous grant from the Quota International of Massillon Club received via the Austin Bailey Foundation. The foundation awarded the Massillon Club a $25,100 grant to purchase 20 classroom amplification systems for classrooms at Lake Cable.


These systems enhance learning in the classroom by enabling students to hear teachers clearly. The teacher wears a wireless microphone that connects to a speaker system in the classroom. When the teacher speaks, it is as if he or she is standing next to each child to hear her.


Children who can hear and understand what is being said tend to learn better. Research has shown how effective these systems are in improving learning in the classroom.


The club has been dedicated to providing classroom amplification systems for over 20 years. The Quota International of Massillon Club has placed over 350 systems in Western Stark County schools.

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