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Support for Speech and Hearing

Listen to
Learn Project

Over 370 Sound Field Amplification Systems (SFAS) to date have been purchased for schools (total dollars to date spent is over $395,000 with approximately $85,000 funded with grant monies). SFAS systems consist of speakers placed in the classroom and a wireless microphone worn by the teacher. These systems allow all students to hear well wherever they are seated in a classroom and whichever direction the teacher faces. The systems not only help the deaf and hard of hearing but all children in the classroom. These systems are especially helpful in the lower elementary grades as there is a high incidence of ear infections in younger children which can effect their ability to hear.


Audiology Center

$80,000 state of the art equipment was purchased for the Stark county school district to assess, diagnose, and provide services for children. The Center was funded with a $50,000 grant and $30,000 raised by our club.


Hearing Aid
Assistance Program

We worked with our state legislator in 2013 to include $200,000 annually in the state budget for hearing aid assistance for individuals up to age 21 (birth-21). We also provide children with hearing aids, based on need, in our community.

newborn screening.png

Passage of HB150
in 2002

We were instrumental in making sure all newborns are screened for hearing loss prior to discharge from an Ohio hospital or birthing center. This important screening became law in Ohio due to our three year grassroots effort working with our state legislators.  Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (HB150) was passed by the Ohio State Legislature and signed into law in 2002.


Sound Beginnings Program

After passage of HB150, babies were being identified as deaf so we initiated this program to provide appropriate amplification. This program provided the first set of hearing aids for children, newborn to 5 years of age. The program was 100% funded through grants from local foundations. We have helped over 100 children with a total of $300,000 in grant monies


Speech Clinic

We supported a clinic to provide speech therapy for students throughout the summer to fill the gap between the school year where speech therapy was provided.

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